SmartPower XS

CW Laser Diode Driver with TEC Controller

for butterfly packages with 10 or 14 pins

TEC and laser current in total under 2.8 A

laser voltage max. 4 V

current and temperature monitoring

small form factor: ideal for OEM integration

CW Laser Diode Driver with TEC Controller


Our CW laser diode driver with TEC controller “SmartPower XS” is equipped with a temperature control unit. It is a highly accurate, safe and cost-effective solution for driving diode lasers with 10- and 14-pin butterfly packages in CW mode.

The driver can be used to set a current of up to 2 amps and monitor temperature and current. The PCB is equipped with built-in temperature and transient protection. Of course, every device has passed our test lab to meet our strict quality standards.

Smartpower xs laser diode driver


  • laser diode driver for butterfly packages with 10 or 14 pins
  • TEC control
  • optional cooling plate available (see product photo)
  • wide input voltage range
  • very low power dissipation
  • transient protection
  • overtemperature protection
  • analog setpoint control
  • enable/disable the laser current
  • slow-start laser diode protection
  • single power supply for complete laser diode
  • easy to mount and user friendly


Voltage range:0 … 4 V
Current range:0 … 2 A
Current resolution:analog
Current accuracy:±0.5 %
Current stability:<0.1 %
Current noise:<5mA rms
Rise time:<150 µs
Fall time:<150 µs
Current limit:2.1 A
Enable input:TTL (Fail safe – low active)
Analog input:1 V / 1 A

TEC driver
Current:max. ±2 A
Voltage:max. ±2.5 V
Sensor type:NTC10K
Accuracy:±0.5 K

Supply:7 … 25VDC 25W
Size (HxWxD):20 x 56 x 62 mm
Mass:16 g