SmartPower L

Multichannel Laser Diode Driver

CW laser applications up to 100 A and 50 V

4-channel with 1200 W each

8-channel with 600 W each

laser safety circuits

Ethernet interface / RS-232 / USB

Multichannel Laser Diode Driver SmartPower L front view


The SmartPower L low-noise multichannel laser diode driver was developed for the safe operation of diode lasers. The user-friendly touch screen control combined with modern microprocessor technology make it the first choice for laboratory and research applications. SmartPower L multi-channel laser-diode drivers can be quickly and easily integrated into existing safety concepts with key switch and interlock. The 19″ design guarantees easy system integration. An optional RS232 or Ethernet interface provides a reliable connection to the machine or PC. Control software perfectly matched to the laser diode driver is available.

Multi-channel Laser Diode Driver SmartPower L rear view


  • low noise version available
  • configurable voltage and current versions
  • prepared for interlock for maximum safety, up to performance level E according to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL CL 3 to IEC 6206 1
  • overload protection
  • emission control output
  • key switch
  • optional Ethernet interface / RS232 / USB
  • ideally suited for burn-in, reliability and life-test systems
  • UL prepared


4 Channels8 Channels
Performance:2.4 kW4.8 kW
Weight:30 kg35 kg
Cooling:water or airwater

Input voltage:85 … 264 VAC (degraded for less than 120 VAC)
Current per channel:up to 100 A
Voltage:up to 50 V
Channels:up to 32 channels on demand
Efficiency:>86-89 % (depending on configuration)
Current ripple:<0.03 % rms @ full load (BW = 20 MHz)
Control accuracy:<0.5 %
Stability:<0.1 % (over a period of 8 hours)
Output protection:overcurrent / overvoltage / overtemperature
Dimension [mm]:19” (132 x 483 x 602)