About us - LaCoSys GmbH

Laser Control Systems

Our Mission

  • make photon catchers happy
  • help nanosecond pulsers the right timing
  • boost signal accelerators
  • enchant software developers with great displays
  • convince sustainability engineers with green efficiency
  • turn idea generators into innovators
  • help quantum trackers meet Alice and Bob in wonderland
Das Team der Firma LaCoSys.

Our Vision

We want to offer all photon catchers in the world inspiration and a platform to finally set their ideas in the right light. Our know-how and our products are always there for you. When the lab bench is overflowing with instruments and the longed-for results can finally be read on the detector, then it’s time for LaCoSys, for us. We’ll clean up with you, we’ll put the measurement chaos into a shoebox (some would rather prefer a matchbox). We make sure that your product can really take off. We push the electrons in the right direction for you and make your systems ready for science and Industry 4.0/IOT with modern displays and HMIs.

LaCoSys GmbH

What we do to make it happen

  • We develop solutions.
  • We are not afraid of taking new uncomfortable paths.
  • We support your processes and certifications.
  • We stay with you until the final product is ready.
  • We are still there for you even after the development.
  • We educate ourselves to always be able to deliver new ideas.