LaCoSys is the right partner for you when it comes to laser system control. Our highly qualified team develops the right individual software for your laser system from a wide range of services. From firmware for microcontrollers to complex control of systems – the individually tailored solution is our focus!

We develop application-oriented source codes in C and C++ for modern processors from 8-bit to ARM and CPLD to DSP with highest performance and the right attention to device safety. We search for modern control algorithms tailored to your application and implement them.


Range of Services

  • programming in C/C++, LabView and Python
  • solution of time-critical problems by FPGAs
  • circuit simulation with LTspice
  • feasibility studies
  • integration of:
    • motors
    • laser drivers
    • waveshapers
    • EOM / AOM
    • power meters
    • cameras
    • beam combining or laser stabilization systems
    • …and many other devices!
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