SmartPower M

Benchtop Laser Driver with Touch Screen

CW and pulse applications up to 200 A

voltages up to 50 V

key switch and remote shutdown

low-noise version up to 60 A available

Ethernet interface

Benchtop Laser Driver with Touch Screen


Our benchtop laser driver with touch screen SmartPower M is designed for the safe operation of diode lasers. It comes with intuitive touch screen controls combined with advanced microprocessor technology. This makes it the first choice for laboratory and research applications. The drivers can be quickly and easily integrated into existing safety concepts via key switches and interlocking. The Ethernet connection to the PC allows control of the driver and switching of pulse modes by an external TTL signal. A customized control software is available.

SmartPower M Series - Tabletop Unit


  • low noise version available
  • configurable voltage and current versions
  • 7″ touch screen control
  • overload protection
  • prepared for interlock
  • key switch
  • temperature controlled fan
  • Ethernet interface
  • global on/off trigger
  • customized solutions possible


600 W1200 W
Current:up to 100 A
up to 60 A low-noise version
200 A

Voltage:up to 50 V
Input voltage:90 … 265 V (derating <120 V)
Efficiency:>83 %
Current fluctuation:<0.5 % rms @ full load (BW = 20 MHz)
<0.03 % rms @ full load (BW = 20 MHz) low-noise version
Trigger rise time:<500 µs
<5 ms (low-noise version)
Trigger fall time:<500 µs
<5 ms (low-noise version)
Control accuracy:<0.5 %
Stability:<0.1 %
Power limit:overcurrent / overvoltage / overtemperature