SmartPicker Series - AOM

Pulse Selector AOM

for pulsed laser systems up to 200 MHz

output pulse width 3.8 ns – 1 ms (100 MHz)

fast real-time pulse control

high precision pulse picking


Pulse Selector AOM front view


The Pulse Selector AOM from the SmartPicker Series is a user-friendly pulse picker for Bragg cells. It enables digital synchronization and provides a split control signal for pulsed laser systems. It generates a low-jitter synchronous control signal for acousto-optic deflectors. Perfectly tuned software combined with state-of-the-art microprocessors allows easy adjustment of delay, pulse width and control. The pulse generator is capable of processing signals up to 200 MHz. The monitoring function ensures direct control of the signal path. The wide range of selectable frequency dividers provides high output repetition rate in oscillator-amplifier systems.
Pulse Picker AOD rear view


  • optimized for ultra-short pulsed laser systems
  • variable trigger levels
  • RF coaxial connector (SMA) or built-in photodiode (type selectable)
  • standard DSUB-15 interface for AOD driver
  • input frequencies up to 200 MHz
  • output frequencies up to 40 MHz
  • gate function
  • full software control (USB interface)
  • low power consumption
  • single pulse check
  • fully configurable PID and fuzzy controller
  • 2-stage drift compensation
  • user-friendly software interface
  • X-Series with high speed and high resolution


Trigger input:InGaAs | Si | SMAInGaAs | Si | SMA
Min. trigger level:10 mV @ 20 MHz10 mV @ 20 MHz
Divider:1 … 20471 … 16383
Max. pulse input frequency:200 MHz200 MHz
Max. pulse output frequency:40 MHz100 MHz
Output rise time/fall time:<1.5 ns<1.5 ns
Output level:TTLTTL
Pulse width range:4 ns … 1 ms (0,25 ns resolution)3,8 ns … 14 ns (0,01 ns resolution)
Delay range:12 ns … 1 ms3.8 ns … 14 ns
Supply voltage:24 VDC24 VDC