SmartPower M3000

CW diode driver

compact & reliable

flexible interfaces

analog & digital control

output current max. 200 A

output voltage max. 60 V

Schrägansicht Einkanal-Lasertreiber M-3000

SmartPower M3000 CW diode driver: safe and reliable

The CW diode driver SmartPower M3000 from LaCoSys is an efficient solution for driving laser diodes in continuous wave mode with a power of up to 3 kW. Due to its compact design and user-friendly operation, the SmartPower M3000 is an ideal OEM device for installation in industrial equipment and systems. The unit is equipped with a D-Sub 15 interface on the front panel for easy and intuitive control.

Schrägansicht Einkanal-Lasertreiber M-3000

Interlock function

One feature offered by the M3000 single-channel CW diode driver is interlock. This feature ensures that the driver can be easily integrated into existing interlock applications. The driver can be connected directly to the safety components and is ready for immediate use. Therefore, the SmartPower M-3000 is a good choice for demanding applications.

Flexible interfaces and digital control

The single channel CW diode driver SmartPower M3000 has flexible interfaces and an analog (0…10 V) as well as digital (RS232) control. This allows you to adapt the device to your individual needs and optimally control the laser diode.

Schnittstellen M-3000 Lasertreiber
Rückseite SmartPower M-3000

Maximum laser voltage and current

The maximum laser voltage is 60 volts, while the maximum current is 200 amps. The voltage limit setting provides additional safety and protection of the laser during operation.


The CW diode driver SmartPower M3000 from LaCoSys is the ideal OEM device for safe and reliable control of laser diodes in CW operation. With its interlock function, the flexible interfaces and the digital control you can adapt the device individually to your requirements and control the laser diode optimally. As usual, customer-specific adaptations, e.g. with regard to interfaces and protocols, are possible.


Dimensions [mm]392 x 232 x 110 (length x width x height)
Weight approx.10 kg
Input voltage90-264 Vac (degraded for less than 120 Vac)
Power consumption< 3000 W
Maximum inrush current< 65 A @ 230 Vac
Power3 kW
Currentmax. 200 A
Voltagemax. 60 V
Protection classII
Protection classIP 20
Interference suppressionDIN EN 55011 Class A
Interference immunityEN 61000-6-2 (industrial environment)