Laser power supplies up to 15 kW


CW Laser Diode Driver with TEC Controller

SmartPower XS Series

CW Laser Diode Driver with TEC Controller

for butterfly packages with 10 and 14 pins

up to 2 A (TEC and laser)

laser voltage max. 4 V

current and temperature monitoring

small form factor: ideal for OEM integration

SmartPower S Series

CW OEM Laser Power Source

CW laser applications up to 200 A @ 1200 W

laser voltage max. 50 V

analog or digital interface

integrated laser protection devices

ultra-compact design

CW OEM Laser Current Source front
Benchtop Laser Driver with Touch Screen

SmartPower M Series

Benchtop Laser Driver with Touch Screen

CW and pulse applications up to 200 A

voltages up to 50 V

key switch and remote shutdown

low-noise version up to 60 A available

Ethernet interface / RS-232 / USB

Schrägansicht Einkanal-Lasertreiber M-3000

SmartPower M-3000​

Single channel CW diode driver

compact & reliable

flexible interfaces

analog & digital control

output current max. 200 A

output voltage max. 60 V

SmartPower L Series

Multichannel Laser Diode Driver

CW laser applications up to 100 A and 50 V

4-channel with 1200 W each

8-channel with 600 W each

laser safety circuits

Ethernet interface / RS-232 / USB

Multichannel laser power supply: SmartPower L
High Power Driver for Laser Diodes - SmartPower XL front

SmartPower XL Series

High power driver for laser diodes

CW Laser applications up to 400 A and 50 V

ideal for burn-in/test systems

digital interface


19 inch rack mount unit (2U/4U)

SmartPower Customized

Individualized Laser Power ­Supplies

can be integrated into safety systems


high quality & safety standards (ISO, EN..)

usable with or without external PC

modular structure

Individual laser power supplies from LaCoSys
Laser protection circuit (Crowbar) SmartProtect


Laser Protection Circuit (Crowbar)

compact design and easy to mount

TTL compatible switch-on time <1us

switching current up to 100 A

galvanically isolated interface

also protects multistage laser systems

Accessories for laser power supplies

Other Accessories

connecting cable laser driver-laser

emission lamp

laser stop box

and much more..

Connection cable laser driver–laser