Innovative personnelGuideline for the Promotion of Research and Development Intensity in Thuringian Companies and Research Institutions (R&D Personnel Guideline)Granting of a subsidy from state funds and from funds of the European Social Fund (ESF) Operational Program (OP) 2014- 2020
The project is sponsored by the Free State of Thuringia no 2021 INP 0055
Development and marketing of burn-in test systems in the field of high-power diode lasersactive
Collaborative R&D projectGuideline of the Free State of Thuringia for the Promotion of Research, Technology and Innovation (FTI Guideline)Award of a grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF-OP 2021-2020) as part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic (REACT-EU) Project No. (Verbund) 2021 VF 0017; Project No. 2021 FE 9046Joint topic – Practical analyzer unit for QKD systems based on polarization-entangled photon pairs; subtopic – Development and realization of a 4-fold single photon detector array for entanglement-based