Optronic Sensor Technology


Pulse Selector AOM front view

SmartPicker Series - AOM

Pulse Selector AOM

for pulsed laser systems up to 200 MHz

output pulse width 3.8 ns – 1 ms (100 MHz)

fast real-time pulse control

high precision pulse picking


SmartPicker Series - EOM

Pulse Selector EOM

pulse generator for laser systems 200 MHz

phase and pulse modulation

pulse width 3.8 ns – 1 ms (100 MHz)

laser stabilization


Pulse Selector EOM front view
SmartDetect Photodetectors

SmartDetect Series


 ultra fast pulse detection

performance monitoring

peak level detection

wavelengths from 200 to 2600 nm

1″ size, also suitable for tricky fitting positions

Optronic Sensor Technology

Customized Laser Sensor Technology

for process monitoring and optimization

combinating safety system with sensor data

sensor systems from different sensor types

specially adapted to your processes

Optronic Sensor Technology
SmartGain - Optoelectronic signal amplifier

SmartGain Series

Signal Amplifier

low noise and fast

tuned amplifier

with variable amplification

transfer impedance converter

low noise power amplifier for AOM

Accessories for photoelectric sensors

High Voltage/
Mems Multi Array Driver

signal recognition, analysis and reaction

for any sensors and actuators

sensor related piezo control

sensor systems from different sensor types

MEMS Multi Array Driver
Optronic sensor technology by LaCoSys

Photodetector accessories

Accessories for the SmartDetect Series

enclosure solutions & custom enclosures

connecting sensors with your environment

1″ mounts of the SmartDetect series

SMA cable connector

power supplies