SmartPicker Series - EOM

Pulse Selector EOM

pulse generator for laser systems 200 MHz

phase and pulse modulation

pulse width 3.8 ns – 1 ms (100 MHz)

laser stabilization


Pulse Selector EOM front view


Our Pulse Selector EOM from the SmartPicker Series is an easy-to-use signal generator for electro-optical modulators with high stability and sensitivity. The pulse picker EOM offers digital synchronization and provides a split control signal for pulsed laser systems up to 200 MHz input frequency. The software controlled microprocessor allows easy setting of all parameters. A variable signal threshold level ensures optimal adaptation to the pulsed signal. Various monitor connections allow direct control of the signal path. The wide range of selectable frequency dividers of the pulse picker EOM offers a wide output frequency from 40 MHz up to several Hz.

Pulse Picker EOM rear view


  • automatic operating point stabilization
  • SMA or built-in photodiode
  • EOM-RF up to 5 Vpp
  • EOM DC output ±10 V
  • input frequency up to 200 MHz
  • full software control (USB interface)
  • variable trigger level (10 mV … TTL)
  • trigger/gate function
  • OEM version available on demand


Offset control input:photodiodephotodiode
Sensitivity range:20 nW … 10 mW20 nW … 10 mW
Divider:1 … 20471 … 16383
Max. trigger frequency:200 MHz200 MHz
Max. output frequency:40 MHz100 MHz
Trigger input:SMA (50 Ω) (optional PD)SMA (50 Ω) (optional PD)
RF fall/rise time:<5 ns <3 ns
RF output:7.5 Vpp (50 Ω)7.5 Vpp (50 Ω)
Pulse width range:4 ns … 1 ms (0,25 ns resolution) 3,8 ns …14 ns (0,01 ns resolution)
Delay range:12 ns … 1 ms3.8 ns … 14 ns
DC output:±10 V±10 V
DC output impedance:1 kΩ1 kΩ
Monitor output:TTL ( 100mA @ 50 Ω)TTL (100 mA @ 50 Ω)
Input voltage:24 VDC24 VDC