SmartDetect Series


ultra fast pulse detection

performance monitoring

peak level detection

wavelengths from 200 to 2600 nm

1″ size, also suitable for tricky fitting positions

SmartDetect Photodetectors


The 1-inch photodetectors of the SmartDetect Series are ideally suited for use in laboratory and industrial environments. With their compact dimensions, the photodiodes can be installed effortlessly even in problematic locations. The photodetector and amplifier stage are built specifically for the target application. High stability and quality of the signal are guaranteed. The light sensors with the different amplifier topologies can be used for pulsed and CW applications. The semiconductor diodes are available from 200 to 2600 nm.

Photosensors SmartDetect Series


  • small footprint of the photodiode: 1″ standard
  • low cost PCB design
  • 12 – 24 VDC wide input range
  • 0 – 10 VDC extended output range (except T-type)
  • variable threshold (T-type only)
  • free beam (FB type) or fiber coupled (FC type)
  • available wavelengths:
    • UV: ultraviolet 200 – 400 nm
    • VI: visible 320 – 1000 nm
    • IR: infrared 800 – 1700 nm
    • XI: extended infrared 1 µm – 2.6 µm


T-TypeTTL-OUT250 MHzpulse detection
C-Type20 kV/A200 MHzTIA
A-Type100 kV/A10 kHzpowermeter


SD-T-UV-FB = SmartDetect – TTL – ultra violett – free beam

SD-A-XI-FC =  SmartDetect – AVG – extended infrared – fiber coupled